Social media collaboration for teams

We've built useful collaboration tools for our platform to empower you to do your best work. Assign and approve posts, and grant custom access to clients and team members.

Team up and produce great content

Manage tasks and collaborate with ease when creating posts for your client's social media calendar. Allow others to contribute to your Content Library and create the best strategy together.

Assign conversations to other teams

Simply delegate messages such as sales opportunities and support issues to colleagues to help provide a better, more efficient customer service.

Approve social media posts before they're scheduled

Ensure your client's posts stay on-brand. Create user workflows for clients and team members so that content can be approved before it's published.

Limit access to certain users

Not every user needs the same level of access. With our custom user hierarchies and permission groups, you can decide who gets access to what.

For example, you might not want your client to add new social profiles without your consent.