Who Is Your Audience?

Who Is Your Audience?

Do you expect to see a 90-year-old grandma listening to heavy metal, a goth enjoying country western on his playlist, or a teenager listening to “Baby Shark?”

Sure, there can be exceptions to the rules, but usually fans and audiences correlate with the genres or businesses that they follow.

How well do you know your business’s audience? Knowing who you need to reach and how to reach them can mean the difference between connecting with the people who need your products and services or alienating them completely.

When you have a consistent brand and company culture, you create a relationship with your customers in a unique way. Add to that some engaging and compelling marketing, and your sales campaigns will be greeted with enthusiasm and interaction…which results in profits!

Understanding your business audience runs deeper than marketing studies on demographic and psychographic information. Interacting with your audience via social media will help you to know their big picture. Their challenges, goals, pain points, and lifestyle all play a part in the purchase choices they make every day.  You need to know these aspects about the lives of your current and potential customers to craft campaigns on the social channels they use with content that they will understand and enjoy. Initiate online discussions with them so that you will know what they want and need from your company—and so that you can provide a personalized touch. Make them think, “this is perfect for me!”

We’ve seen companies that offer an innovative product or service and are frustrated because it’s not catching on. It may be a great product, but if it is not what the client wants, it will fail. Resonating with the client and understanding their wants and needs is critical for your success.

Cultivate those relationships, know your customers, understand their situations, and build your brand authentically. Research has shown that 79% of customers are loyal to a brand that understands them.

So, do your homework! The research is key to understanding who you want to reach and will provide effective campaigns on the proper platforms to get your business noticed.

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