What We’ve Learned in 2020

What We’ve Learned in 2020

Throughout the “unfortunate” year of 2020, social media became the mainstream source for pandemic updates, medical information, and health recommendations. Platforms offered support groups, neighborhood watches, and online shopping for neighborhood retailers. It created connections and restored a level of distraction—and peace-of-mind--for many.

Because of this, businesses have begun to understand the enormous opportunity to reach their audiences. It’s not all about day-to-day business anymore. By basing posts on local or national issues, or by providing community service information, a company can illustrate its diligence for safety and commitment to their customer base.

A company’s personal tones should echo their values as a small business. This can leave a lasting impression on clients and assist in the formation of an audience that recognizes the brand’s authenticity. Additionally, communication delivered with this type of inflection provides audiences with insights about company values without the sales pitch. This is valuable!

This approach ultimately paints a bigger picture of your brand in the mind of the consumer. Promoting business is important, but so is the aim is to foster conversations through mindful engagements.

We’ve advised clients to create compelling communications by demonstrating an authentic glimpse through the eyes of their employees, sharing outreach opportunities, and communicating how work goes on despite the quarantine. Posts shared new pivots in business, updated services, hours of operation and policies for keeping employees and customers safe.

A lot was learned in 2020. Demonstrating community service and restoration in addition to promoting your business injects a theme of hopefulness onto your social media pages, and we need a lot of that!

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