The WHO and WHAT of Social Media

The WHO and WHAT of Social Media

From the first Facebook account to the billions of accounts today spread out through the various platforms, the question we’ve asked ourselves is, WHO is on Social Media? There are two groups of people that can be identified as using Social Media. We have the individuals who started out using Six Degrees back in 1997. Facebook was being widely used in the 2000s. LinkedIn was open to the public in 2003. With this brief history lesson, let’s dive into the two user groups.

What is the best reason to be on Social Media if you are a business? As a business, you can create a public profile different from your website that showcases to your audience who you are and what you are all about. Additionally, sharing relevant information and news about your company and industry is what people are seeking out.

LinkedIn’s professional platform allows you to showcase your company culture (which has been increasingly important) when individuals seek employment or business connections. Being online allows interaction with customers and the chance for sales and customer outreach as well. But it doesn’t just happen overnight. Stay tuned for our next article on this topic!

Everybody Else
The “everybody else” of social media users can be broken down into CEOs, company workers, stay-at-home moms, high schoolers, college students--you name it. Over 3.5 billion people are using social media in some way or another.
The versatility of the different platforms allows for the different users to find what they are looking for. A CEO is better off using LinkedIn for all professional business and Facebook for staying in touch with family. You could say each platform has a bubble of users, and it’s a matter of recognizing the users and why they are on the platform and what your business’s account should be. We will have more details on this topic soon.
When you think about it...who isn’t using Social Media? New platforms are being developed each day, and there’s something for everyone. Overwhelmed by all of this? Call the folks at Daily Chimes to get started!

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