The Community of Instagram

The Community of Instagram

Instagram, as a social media platform, establishes a sense of community among its members. It offers mini-communities within the platform so that people can connect with others who have the same hobbies and interests. Understanding the different communities will help you with your business if you are looking to utilize the Instagram platform as part of your social media strategy.

Here are just a few examples of the different kinds of communities that can be found on Instagram:


For all book lovers, this community is perfect for anyone who adores reading all the time. The community is very welcoming. The audience is universal. When asked about her Bookstagram account, our Account Manager Lauren said, “I was overwhelmed to have received so many “Welcome to Bookstagram” comments on my first post. I hadn’t expected to receive as many comments as I did.”


For bakers, chefs, and food lovers, this community will have you salivating. The posts are amazing looking from pasta dishes to beautifully decorated cakes. If you just want to look at food, this is for you. This is also the opportunity to find a baker for any occasion you have or find new business if you are the one doing the baking. This community has created friendships. Bakers have even become friends and competed on baking shows together! 

The key to communities on Instagram also involves hashtags. The great thing about hashtags is being able to follow them. Each community has its own group of hashtags that you will find are used often, and you can always create your own hashtag on Instagram for your company and business.

The staff at Daily Chimes is comprised of Insta experts! Ask us all about how Instagram can help your business. We’d be happy to recommend more great Insta groups as well…let us know!

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