Social Media Marketing for 2021

Social Media Marketing for 2021

Before we know it, it will be a new year! With the start of a new year, it’s essential to think about your strategy for Digital Marketing in general, but specifically Social Media. We saw how Social Media played a crucial role in businesses during #Covid19. Without Facebook, Instagram, etc., companies wouldn’t have been able to connect with their audience as quickly as possible. Each platform allows for quick updates to keep the audience up to date.
Social media platforms are always updating and adding new features. Here are some key features for the most popular platforms that businesses are using and should be using!


  • Pinned posts
  • Polls
  • LinkedIn stories
  • Team moments
  • Events tab 


  • Facebook Business Suite
  • Going live from Messenger rooms
  • Sponsored posts for groups


  • Direct message me sticker
  • Facebook shops

Going into 2021, it is important to remember that Social Media is here to stay. How can you prepare your strategy? Our team can help with all the following:

  • Social icons in the right spot on your website
  • SEO strategy
  • Blog content and promotion
  • Updated website for reflecting the company’s services
  • Utilizing the latest updates on social media platforms
  • Constant and consistent activity on social media

Ready to have a Social Media Marketing team for your business in 2021? Contact us today!

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