Social Media Comes Along…Everywhere!

Social Media Comes Along…Everywhere!

I can almost guarantee that if you have a smartphone, you have at least one social media app downloaded. And, since your phone goes with you EVERYWHERE, 24/7 access to social media is always in your pocket.

Way back when, I received my first iPhone, and I so excited about the idea of having an Instagram page. I had already created a Facebook page (behind my parent’s back, I do not recommend), but it was only accessible when I got home from school; so, my life was not consumed by it.

My IG account, however, was easily available on my phone and became a communications tool that I used each day. Today, social media consumes 99% of my career, and I carry all of my platforms on my phone--right in my pocket. Working directly in the social media marketing field has led me to the conclusion that social media needs be in your pocket, ready to go, and connected every day in order to bring your business to the next level.

Over the last decade, social mediums like Facebook and Instagram have soared. Instagram was launched in October 2010, and since then, 1 billion accounts have been created. And those are all active users! What some people may not understand is how beneficial having a social presence is when it comes to their business.

According to, 52% of online brand discovery happens in public social feeds. From a personal perspective, I know most of my online shopping comes from advertisements that pop up on my social media feeds.

An online presence can be key for businesses to gain sales from customers who don’t wish to leave home. It can be the most cost-effective way to advertise to an audience. It’s also an effective means of communicating with your clients and customers, offering “live” feedback which provides business owners the opportunity for growth. It also allows businesses to make amends to customers when things don’t go well. Social media is the bellwether for monitoring of the success of your business. 

Social media is here to stay, and it can bring some valuable advantages to your bottom line.

Keep it in your pocket!

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