One for Each Finger…5 Ideas for Relevant Social Media Content

One for Each Finger…5 Ideas for Relevant Social Media Content

Sometimes it flows out of you, and sometimes it’s a struggle. Coming up with fresh, original content for your social media campaigns can feel like digging a quarry with a teaspoon.

Brainstorming new ideas is a challenge, but here are five tips to help:

  1. Engage your own followers to find out what they want to see. Do some research to see what types of content they like and share or what seems to be useful to them.
  2. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new formats, images, and scheduling. Try boosting ads (it’s not expensive) or creating an engaging video.
  3. Get a friend to review your posts. “They don’t get it,” you say? Better yet! A new perspective and “a fresh pair of eyes” is enlightening! Make sure you brainstorm with your staff and colleagues as well. New innovations grow when people put their heads together.
  4. Follow your competitors and take note on the direction they are taking with their content. Paying attention to trends within your industry can lead to lots of fun, new ideas for posts and articles.
  5. Give your brain a rest. See a movie, take a walk, be quiet for a while. Some of our best ideas come in those peaceful moments.

Now you have an idea for each finger. Make that fist and fight for that new and engaging content!

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