Likes, Comments, Re-shares Oh My!

Likes, Comments, Re-shares Oh My!

The most common analytic you will find on any platform is how many likes your posts are getting, the number of comments, and the number of times content has been re-shared. It’s important to pay attention to analytics because they give you great insight into what content is working and what’s not. Of course, with any social media strategy, don’t count on analytics right off the bat. It takes time and you need a minimum of two weeks to look at a report to see how everything is going.

There are two sides to analytics. The Social Media Manager who is looking to see how the content is going and the audience who is looking at their feeds and making the decision to either ignore what they see, like, comment or re-share!

What goes on behind the minds of the audience and what compels them to make an action on a post? The most common reasons someone will respond to a post include:

  • They want to share the news about a product or a sale
  • They agree with the content and it aligns with them
  • They find it humorous
  • They find it curious
  • They think other people would want to see the content

There is no one reason why--everyone is different when it comes to “why” and how they react to certain posts.

Likes, comments, and re-shares are not the only reactions people can give to posts. Facebook allows you to respond with emojis for love, care, laugh, wow, sad, or angry. LinkedIn gives the following responsive options: celebrate, support, love, insightful, and curious.

This is just an introduction to analytics. The great thing about analytics is you can go deeper into them when determining what is and isn’t helping your business. Our Social Media Team are experts when it comes to analyzing what we see on our posts. If you are looking for someone to handle your social media, we can manage it and create the analytical reports that will provide the information to take your social media campaigns to the next level!

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