How to Increase Your Audience on Social Media

How to Increase Your Audience on Social Media

Social media is an effective way to promote your business, but before you spend your time creating those thoughtful and insightful posts, you need to have a viable audience!

Having a broad audience on social media leads to brand recognition, customer loyalty, clicks, and conversions.

Below are 10 ways to increase your number of followers:

  1. Know your Audience - Understand the demographic profile of your typical customer as well as a little bit about their personality, behaviors, age, income, and gender. What social platforms do they tend to use? What do they like to do in their spare time? Do they research online? Do they reactive positively to special promotions? All great information to collect!
  2.  Check Out Your Competitors - There’s nothing wrong with checking out your competitors on social media and understanding who is following them, what content of theirs seems popular, and which posts and offers get good engagement.
  3.  Create Valuable Content - Linking your social posts to original content that’s informational and engaging will allow you to attract new followers through their general interest as well as the likelihood that search engines will pick up the content and share it. Search engines LOVE original content!
  4.  Get Their Attention - Keep your words brief and impactful in your posts. The typical online reader has a very short attention span, so grab them with exciting text that will stop them in their tracks in order to read it! Be sure to incorporate images, infographics, and even interactive content such as videos, animation, or a quiz.
  5.  Get Involved - If someone responds to your post, answer them! Be relatable by answering questions, making comments, and maintaining that vital connection.  This goes for your own business audience as well as other like-minded businesses, competitors, and friends. Be approachable and enthusiastic about others’ posts, and they will do the same for you.
  6.  Use Hashtags - Hashtags are critical to increasing your visibility online. Use them on Twitter and Instagram because they bring people to your pages through searching that hashtagged word. Stay on topic and be relevant.
  7.  Be Consistent - Don’t be loosey-goosey about posting to social media. Have a plan and a schedule. Figure out how many posts you would like to upload a week and stick with it. Start small and then increase rather than committing to more than you can handle. Use a social media scheduling platform like ours at to get the job done quickly and easily. These tools allow you to plan and schedule in advance rather than trying to remember to send out posts each day.
  8.  Make a Game Out of It! - Running games or contests on social media is a fun way to grow your audience. Ask people to follow you or like/comment/share a post and then enter them in a chance to win a prize. The bonus for you is that their actions will be shared with their followers as well.
  9.  Tag Other People and Pages - Tag pages, people, and places in your posts. This increases visibility and engagement and is a great way to gain followers if you attend an event or conference.
  10.  Use Analytics - Check your insights and analytics to understand what is working…and what isn’t. This will reveal what posts see the most engagement levels.


Social media is a powerful tool that can promote your business in a very cost-efficient way. Make sure you have a solid strategy to develop and schedule posts, and then engage appropriately. Call Daily Chimes, and our expert staff will help you begin!


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