Corporate Culture; Part of the Social Media Puzzle

Corporate Culture; Part of the Social Media Puzzle

Many businesses have recently been incorporating company culture into their social media strategy. The values and philosophies of a typical company are usually observed by consumers and potential employees alike and can very likely affect the decision-making process. Therefore, it’s a great idea to share your team’s culture on your website as well as through your social media channels.

Why should you incorporate company culture on social media?

There is no single reason to include corporate culture content into your social media strategy. However, there are some reasons which you may not have considered. Job seekers will seek out opportunities with businesses that convey a healthy culture for employees. Consumers monitor various brands to be apprised of their latest initiatives and to see what’s going on within the company itself. Engaging both employee and business-related content is very positive and well received.

Where should you post?

All platforms can be appropriate. If you tag an employee on Facebook, their network will see it, and there’s a higher chance for more engagement on posts. Professional accomplishments on LinkedIn, such as work anniversaries, are most definitely appropriate, and Instagram is perfect for any fun team photos you may have.

What types of content would be considered company culture?

  • Birthdays
  • Work anniversaries
  • Company award news
  • Employee recognitions
  • Teambuilding
  • Team parties
  • Charitable giving
  • Volunteer opportunities

Who is this content going to help?

The content is going to help the company in general. Cultural content usually brings a lot of engagement on social media. Your HR department can benefit from upbeat and positive posts on social media platforms.

There is a lot of appropriate company culture content to be shared on social. Just be sure only to include photos and news that’s tasteful and “G” rated! That includes avoiding anything controversial or even alcoholic beverages in your posts. If you are hoping to start including this content on your social media channels, our team of social media experts can handle it for you!

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