Categorize Your Content - Categorization is Critical for Your Content

Categorize Your Content - Categorization is Critical for Your Content

Have you ever categorized your content? Whether you have or not, categorizing is a simple way to organize your ideas in order to amplify your products and services. It's important that when planning your content for your social media platforms, blog, or video series, that you take some time to identify what the content is, what category it fits, and where you should post it.  

If you were to list the biggest content umbrellas, they would be sales, fun, and educational. Under each of these is an endless list of sub-topics that fit in with their content umbrella.


The key to a good sales post is showing a capability or product of your business and include a CTA. A CTA is a Call-To-Action. Think of different phrases you can use to entice customers to click on the link associated with the post.


Content should always be fun. A popular way to showcase fun content is with Holiday Hashtags. There are over 200 hashtag holidays ranging from coffee day to ice cream day! Just about every industry has its own highlighted day to celebrate as well!


You can educate your audience about your business, or about the company itself such as the history of the company. Post helpful and insightful articles to help educate your readers or provide valuable tips, news, or ideas.

No matter your approach, content is key! Our Social Media experts craft compelling content that gets noticed, commented, and shared on all social media platforms. Call or email us today for the critical content you need in your social media arsenal!

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