Daily Chimes is different than any other social media service because we don’t believe in billing clients based on a static number of posts. We strategize to make your social media campaigns more effective.

Our talented staff is made up of seasoned social media professionals (each has at least 2 years of professional experience). We have seen their expertise in action, and they’re an impressive group. So, we collaborate together to discover the best innovative ideas and social media tactics to boost your business.

We generate campaigns for our clients with preparation, thought, and intention. We may do a video series one week and a promotional campaign another week. We may boost some posts to gain you more “likes,” or we may change the strategy to focus on website visits and click-throughs.

Throughout all of our services, our team leader acts as a liaison between our clients and our social media specialists so that we can provide the most meaningful and impactful social media marketing services that you and your company will ever experience. That’s the DC Difference!

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